Thursday, December 2, 2010

Accept or Reject

There is a point in life where you have to choose between two "accept" or "reject" love.And there are many things that influences you decision.


This is the first and foremost reason for accepting or rejecting.This can be explained as follows.Suppose you love a girl very much and she rejects you.After a certain period of time she comes back again in your life.This is the point Ego comes into play.It doesn't matter how much you had loved her previously but the ego in you will tend you for rejecting her.The person who can control their ego at this point of time will accept her without any hesitation.


This plays back on your mind everytime .It is a very old fashioned thinking in which you feel that love will disturb your career and you will not acheive what you want in your life.And there is the point where you choose between career and love as your thinking.And accepting and rejecting comes into play.


How much you love anyone but the real intention is sex for most of the people.There are very less examples in which we find love is sufficient for them.And there comes into play accepting or rejecting.

Na baap bada na bhaiya darling sabse bada rupaiya.Money is the main reason for all the breakups and patchups and of course accept and reject.

There are many other reasons too but thought not coming in my mind at this time.Was feeling bored so started taking out my bhadas.Thanks for reading if you have read.

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  1. Bab-ba sankalp, The Year started with "I felt like crying" and is ending in "Accept or Reject". :p

    Ke ho?