Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I felt like crying

It is january 5 2010,and i was returning from my office.It was 8 pm and very cold weather.Suddenly i saw a boy of may be 16 crying loudly with his face full of tears and walking in the road very fastly.He was wearing a worn out sweater and jeans.His hair was very dry and big.And he was holding his stomach.I waited for sometime and start watching him.Firstly i thought he had been beaten by someone in his stomach in fight.But he started moving towards a street momo and did a one round circle of that shop.The shop owner was also amazed.And after that he started to walk.In seconds he was very far away from me and i realised i am the most unsensitive guy in this world who couldn't understand in first attempt that the boy was very hungry and i felt like crying when i felt the pain he may be having due to hunger.I got paralised.I couldn't move to stop him because he was very far away from my sight in the dark road.

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